FAQ's & Shipping Information

Please Note: We ship Monday- Saturday. Due to high order volume, delivery may take up 4 weeks 

Q. If my pickles are warm when received are they still safe to eat
A. 100%. Your pickles will not become unhealthy due to being warm. When being shipped they come in an insulate wrap which protects from heat and cold. Make sure you get them into the fridge when received to retain our great crunch and flavor.  

Q. How much is shipping?
A. Shipping is free on all pickle orders $75 and over. Any orders under $75 will cost $12.75 to ship within the US (including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico). All shipping is by USPS priority. Merch shipping is $5 within the US (including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico). All shipping is by USPS priority

Q. What happens if I input my address in incorrectly?
A. Contact us ASAP and we're happy to help you update it before it's shipped. Please note, if the incorrect address is not brought to our attention before the package ships, and the package is returned to us, we unfortunately are not responsible. By the time the package comes back to us, the product cannot be resent.


Q. How can I track my package?
A. You will receive an email when your order is being processed. Please note that tracking information may take up to 72 hours from the time you receive your email notification.

Q. How much is shipping for merch?
Merch will be shipped separately from any pickles or kraut, even if purchased together, with a flat shipping fee of $5.

Q. What is your shipping policy? 
A. All orders will ship Monday - Saturday We ship to all US states (including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico). NOTE- due to high volume shipping can take up to 4 weeks .If you have a specific pickle emergency or request, we will do our best to accommodate you. Just email us at hello@kaylinandkaylin.com

Q What if I have an issue with my shipment ?
A. Please contact hello@kaylinandkaylin.com You must document any issues with pictures and an order #. We will do whatever we can to address the issue as quickly as possible .  

Q. What if my package gets lost?
A. Please first check with all your neighbors. Then contact USPS as the recipient USPS 800-610-8734 before you contact us at  Hello@kaylinandkaylin.com

Q. Why are the chips more expensive than the whole pickles 
A. You get many more pickles in the chips containers then the whole pickles 

Q. How long can my pickles stay out of the fridge?
A. Our pickles can last up to 72 hours out of the fridge without any assistance. When being shipped they come in an insulation wrap which protects from heat and cold and protects them up to 7 days. Make sure you get them into the fridge when received to retain our great crunch and flavor.  

Q. Should I keep them in the brine?
A. Keeping them submerged in the brine extends shelf life. If after eating some you see the brine is getting low, cut the pickles in half and stuff them back in the brine to keep them fresh.

Q. Are they gluten free?
A. Yes.

Q. How many pickles do I get in a jar?
A. For our savory pickles, they are whole pickles, you will get between 8 & 12 depending on the size of each pickle. For the sweet pickles, they are 1/4 inch waffle chips, you will get between 70 & 80 chips in each jar.

Q. Are they Vegan?
A. Yes, even the Honey mustard. The Honey is just in the name. 

Q. Any sugar in your pickles?
A. Yes, we have a small amount of sugar cane in our sweet pickles.

Q. How long do your pickles last?
A.  Four to Five months in the fridge - with self-control! 

Q. What are the nutrition facts/ingredients for the products?
Nutrition facts and ingredient lists can be found here