Every New Yorker knows the satisfaction of biting into the perfect pickle. Whether it’s a family recipe passed down from generations, or your go-to cart in the middle of Manhattan, one never has to venture too far to find their favorite, tasty treat.

After spending almost 30 years working in NYC, I found myself on the West Coast becoming my best self. However, one thing was missing: New York pickles. Well, honestly, even just an edible pickle. And that’s when I realized I had no choice but to make it easy for everyone, regardless of which coast they call home, to enjoy what I grew up knowing, loving, and suddenly wanting more than ever before.

Pickles bring people happiness. I witnessed this first hand in the spring of 2020, one month after opening the first pickle-tasting bar at The Original  Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles. Week after week, even through a global pandemic, customers kept calling, reaching out, and coming back for their favorite flavors of spicy, sour, and sweet –– ensuring we would not only survive, but make it out on the other side. From there, the idea of Kaylin + Kaylin was solidified.

Whether looking for pickles that are fermented, brined, the perfect addition to any recipe, or a salty, standalone snack, each of our flavors are crafted to cure any craving, and keep tastebuds buzzing for more. Kaylin + Kaylin brings a modern approach to a timeless food that can be enjoyed wherever,  whenever, and by whomever:  No age limit needed, no day of time required, and now, no coast necessary.

Our pickles are here to provide happiness in every crunch. We can’t wait for you to take your first bite.

- Scott aka the Pickle Man